Don't Mess with Heidi

It has been an honor to serve the engaged, caring, and conscientious people of District 2 over the last 16 months. With the tireless support and agitation of progressive community activists, I have led successful county efforts to create the City-County Homeless Issues Committee, pass the Housing as a Human Right Resolution, expand restroom and storage access with a temporary day resource center for the homeless and a portable toilet downtown, amend the 2013 Capital Budget to include $600,000 for a permanent homeless day resource center, create a permanent poverty commission, oppose state legislation attacking tenants’ rights and local control, and significantly expand protections under the county fair housing ordinance.

I continue to be active in the Affordable Housing Action Alliance and helped organize educational panels for elected officials and community leaders on homelessness and affordable housing and helped organize a Housing is a Human Right Summit attended by approximately 120 community members.

I am encouraged by the recent local attention to the needs of the homeless and the affordable housing crisis in our community and continue to advocate for more public and private resources for affordable housing efforts. I am currently working on an ordinance to provide more fairness and accountability in the emergency shelter system to ensure homeless persons are not unfairly denied access to needed shelter. I have stood firmly with fellow progressive supervisors in support of workers’ rights, racial justice, women’s rights to unbiased health care information, open government, and sustainability efforts, and will continue to do so.